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False In the frame Carmine bee- eaters at breeding colony, South Luangwa Brendan Raisbeck Brendan Raisbeck studied photography in the UK before returning to his native Malawi and then South Luangwa National Park, where he worked as a guide and photographer for seven years. This photograph was taken in 2004 at a carmine bee- eater colony of more then 2,000 breeding pairs. “ I used to take guests there in the late afternoon when the light was perfect and the birds very active,” says Brendan. “ Not many sights in nature can beat that of a couple of thousand southern carmine bee- eaters arranged along an 80- metre stretch of river bank.” Brendan is now based at Chongwe River House in the Lower Zambezi. May 2008 Travel Zambia 13

False 14 Travel Zambia May 2008 Nkani >> News · views · people · places · conservation · community · wildlife · culture Hollywood star Ewan McGregor, together with fellow actor and bike fanatic Charlie Boorman, have described sampling the delights of Zambia during their epic motorcycle journey from Scotland to Cape Town, dubbed ‘ Long Way Down’. Their 24,000km marathon, which lasted from 12 May to 4 August 2007 and passed through 18 countries, took them through some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth. On the way they used 16 tyres, consumed around 336 boil- in- the-bag meals and fell off their bikes 75 times. The Zambian leg, however, was one of the most pleasant and trouble- free. It took the team westwards from the Malawi border, via Lusaka, to Livingstone, camping in roadside villages en route and, at one point, stopping for impromptu trouser repairs from a roadside tailor. “ Everyone was so polite, full of smiles and handshakes,” recalls McGregor. At Livingstone they visited a crocodile farm, where old croc hand and fellow Scot Ian McGregor Bruce introduced them to some man-eaters. And, of course, they saw Victoria Falls, where McGregor watched in horror as Boorman bunjee- jumped from the bridge. “ Long Way Down has been an amazing journey and it has been a real privilege to be able to experience these diverse and beautiful places,” says McGregor. “ We were both up for an adventure and Africa has certainly given us that,” agrees Boorman. “ We both feel incredibly lucky we’ve been able to experience this together and to have survived with some brilliant stories to tell.” Ewan and Charley supported three charities on their travels: UNICEF, the Children’s Hospice of Scotland ( CHAS) and Riders for Health. Find out more at: www. longwaydown. com SAFARI NUPTIALS Happy news from Kapani camp ( www. normancarrsafaris. com), where two ????? staff members have recently tied the knot. Firstly there was Cosam Phiri, from accounts, who married Honester in August 2007. Their baby girl, Sibong’ile ( which means ‘ thank you’) was born on 28 March this year. Then there was Tamara, whose smiling face at reception is the first to greet visitors to Kapani. On November 18th she married Prince Mutale, who works as a guide at Robin Pope Safaris ( www. robinpopesafaris. net). Travel Zambia joins NCS and RPS in wishing both happy couples all the best. LONG WAY DOWN THROUGH ZAMBIA Made in Zambia: Thandie Newton Zambia tends to keep quiet about its Hollywood connections, but did you know that BAFTA- award winning actress Thandie Newton was born and raised on Zambian soil? Daughter of an English lab- technician father and Zimbabwean health- worker mother, her name means ‘ beloved’ in Ndebele – which proved prescient when, in 1998, she played the character ‘ Beloved’ in the film of Toni Morrison’s famous novel. Newton made her film debut in Flirting ( 1991) alongside Nicole Kidman. She has since gone on to star in numerous hit movies, including Mission Impossible II and Crash, and as Makemba “ Kem” Likasu on hit American TV series ER. Her next role will be as US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice in W, Oliver Stone’s upcoming biopic of US President George W. Bush. Newton is married to English writer and director Ol Parker, and has two daughters. McGregor and Boorman finally reach Cape Town NORMAN CARR SAFARIS