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False May 2008 Travel Zambia M waiseni! Welcome to our third edition of Travel Zambia. Close your eyes and picture an African river. Got it? I’ll bet you conjured up the Zambezi – or at least something like it: all languid water, sweeping sandbanks, grunting hippos and rugged escarpment backdrop. These images can seem almost too perfect, too chocolate- box, until you discover that the real thing does exist. Even better: it lies just a short hop from Lusaka. Of all Zambia’s abundant natural gems, surely none has more sheer scenic beauty than the breathtaking Lower Zambezi National Park. Our cover feature this month explores the park in depth, revealing its geography, its wildlife and its unparalleled scope for adventure. Ex- safari guide Stephen Cunliffe shows us around, while photographer Marek Petzer relives a close encounter. Also in this edition we meet two extraordinary individuals whose drive and vision has turned dream into reality: Ron Toft interviews Steve and Anna Tolan of Chipembele Wildlife Orphanage. Meanwhile join Philip Dickson on his quest for the secrets of Zambia’s organic honey and coffee, learn from Anna Devereux- Baker how the Safari Houses of Zambia offer a new family- friendly approach to holidays in the bush, and find out from Sylvester Kampamba just what he aims to teach the community around North Luangwa National Park. Other voices talking to Travel Zambia this month include a Luangwa resident on her first trip to London, a rhino scout on his daily routine and a safari guide on the perils of game- drive loo stops. We also reveal Zambia’s bright new literary talents, join dentists on holiday, visit a new elephant orphanage and discover a Lusaka school with a difference. All this, plus stunning photography, the very latest news about people and places around the country, and our hottest travel tips. And a final thought: with treasures like the Lower Zambezi on offer, how much would you be prepared to pay to visit Zambia? This issue has taken on a new urgency since January, when the government’s overnight decision to raise the price of tourist visas divided opinion at home and abroad. As ever, we would welcome your opinion on this – and on anything else. Who knows: we may just print it. Meanwhile, happy reading! Mike Unwin, Editor mike@ travelafricamag. com River of dreams TRAVEL ZAMBIA magazine is published by Travel Africa Ltd This edition, Issue 3, was published on May 10, 2008 Travel Africa Ltd 4 Rycote Lane Farm, Milton Common Oxford, OX9 2NZ United Kingdom Tel: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278883 Fax: + 44 ( 0) 1844 278893 Email: zambia@ travelafricamag. com www. travelzambiamag. com www. travelafricamag. com Publisher Craig Rix craig@ travelafricamag. com Editor Mike Unwin mike@ travelafricamag. com Managing Director Iain Wallace Designer Dean Ryan Sales Manager Dave Southwood dave@ travelafricamag. com Customer Services Sherry Rix zambia@ travelafricamag. com Consultant Nigel Foster Subscriptions For full details please email zambia@ travelafricamag. com Accounts Amanda Gaydon accounts@ travelafricamag. com Contributors Carol Coppinger, Stephen Cunliffe, Anna Devereux- Baker, Philip Dickson, Tim Henshall, Sylvester Kampamba, Claire Lewis, Laura Manni, Merlith McKendrick, Rachel McRobb, Maggie Mwale, Marek Petzer, Crispin Quarmby, Stephen Robinson, Derek Shenton, Ron Toft. Editorial Enquiries While we welcome editorial contributions, we accept no responsibility for unsolicited proposals and submissions. Please make all editorial- related enquiries by post, including a stamped, self- addressed envelope should you want material returned. Acknowledgements Travel Zambia was conceived from discussions with Jo Pope and Nick Aslin, who have helped to turn the concept into reality. We are also grateful for the assistance and enthusiasm of Donald Pelekamoyo of the Zambia Tourism Board. On the cover Elephant from Chiawa Camp ( Francois D’Elbee) Editorial Did you enjoy Travel Zambia? What would you like to see in future issues? We welcome all news and views on the magazine and on Zambia in general, and would love to publish your letters. Contact us at: mike@ travelafricamag. com TALK TO US Praise for Travel Zambia I got your magazine a few days ago and greatly appreciated reading about Zambia. Excellent quality magazine: I wish we had such a promotional tool for Uganda. Prof. Wolfgang H. Thome, Hotel and Tourism Institute, Kampala Very much enjoyed it. Really useful to know what’s on offer and what’s going on in Zambia – and very attractive. Jessica Groenendijk, Technical Advisor, Frankfurt Zoological Society Many congratulations. At last we have a quality magazine on Zambia: quality in both content and production. Stephen Robinson, Photographer, Lusaka