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False May 2008 Travel Zambia 43 Lodge life Chris Liebenberg, the owner of Chongwe River Safari Camp in the Lower Zambezi, was thinking along the same lines. The two decided to collaborate – and the idea took shape. Five houses in Zambia now offer this novel experience. Robin’s House, set in the grounds of Nkwali Camp, was formerly the home of the Popes. The smallest of the safari houses, it was completely renovated in 2003 and opened as the first of its kind in Zambia. This house, which has two en suite bedrooms, nestles among large shade trees on the banks of the Luangwa River. The fenced garden has a great sandpit, from where children can spot the wildlife that comes down to drink. The first to be built from scratch was Luangwa Safari House, which overlooks a game- crowded seasonal lagoon beside the Luangwa River, with a view of the Chindeni Hills in the background. Ground was broken in May 2005, and by mid December the house was complete. Construction Keeping young children happy on safari has its own particular demands. Here are a few suggestions: SAFARI WITH YOUNG KIDS TWELVE TOP TIPS: 1 Keep drives short: two hours maximum, preferably less. 2 Pencils and paper work anywhere. 3 Play ‘ I- spy’ and invent your own games: “ First person to spot a XXX…” 4 Keep them drinking water; stock up on snacks. 5 Toilet breaks – before you set out and at every stop 6 Get out of the vehicle wherever and whenever allowed. 7 A day in camp ( full of wildlife and fun activities) can be worth two in the bush. 8 Allow playing time with other children. 9 Don’t keep moving on: allow time at each destination to get settled. 10 Try stopping whenever your child wants, even if it’s ‘ just another impala’. 11 Children’s binoculars or digital cameras allow them to share the grown- up fun. 12 Let them pick it up: seed pods, bones, whatever. ( But avoid things that bite and sting, and wash hands afterwards.)

False 44 Travel Zambia May 2008 Lodge life Why a safari house? Perfect for large families with small children or groups of friends Fun activities for children while parents can relax Secluded and private All activities tailored to the wishes of the group Private guide, chef and hostess will cater to every whim wild wood and river pebbles. The riverside area is excellent for game viewing and Chongwe is famous for the elephants that regularly wander through camp in search of lunch. On the upper Zambezi, near Livingstone, Tangala House is the only safari house to come complete with three friendly dogs. This house is the family home of Ben Parker, the owner of Tongabezi Lodge, and has an informal, child- friendly ambience. Although secluded, Tangala is close enough to Livingstone to take advantage of the activities there, including trips to the Mosi- oa- Tunya National park and Victoria Falls, which lies just 15km downstream. Shiwa N’gandu in northern Zambia represents the dream of an English soldier, Sir Stewart Gore- Browne, who built this grand manor house to bring ‘ a little piece of England’ to a remote corner of Zambia. Using local materials and labour, he established an estate complete with workmen’s cottages, a school, clinic and a workshop. After falling into disrepair following Sir Stewart’s death, the house, with its four bedrooms still retaining the original wood panelling, was lovingly and painstakingly restored by his grandson Charlie and wife Jo. Today families staying here can enjoy a dip in the Kapishya hot springs, and sample all manner of was a challenging project and testament to the determination of the team: twenty- five enormous leadwood trunks, each weighing up to six tons, had to be transported one by one to form the support for the enormous thatched roof. Inside, a spectacular chandelier dominates the twelve- metre high main living area, while each of the four bedrooms is designed to a different theme: the Coral bedroom has a hand- made copper bath; the Blue Agate bedroom is styled with recycled sheets of sandblasted aluminium. Chongwe River Safari House, located in Lower Zambezi National Park, was also built from scratch. Like Luangwa Safari House, it was designed by the architect Neil Rocher, the imagination behind Kenya’s famous Shompole Lodge. With its extraordinary, fantasy- inspired architecture, this house has been described as ‘ like something from the set of Lord of the Rings.’ The house is set at one end of a grove of winterthorns, overlooking the Chongwe River – a tributary of the Zambezi – and has the towering Zambezi escarpment as its backdrop. Designed to be ‘ organic’ in nature, its flowing curved walls are embedded with The delights of safari houses are many and various. Top left: Learning tracks and signs at Robin’s House ROBIN POPE SAFARIS Top right: Family comforts at Luangwa Safari House ROBIN POPE SAFARIS Bottom left: Colonial opulence at Shiwa N’gandu SHIWA N’GANDU Bottom right: feeding the chickens ROBIN POPE SAFARIS