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False 50 Travel Zambia May 2008 Nkani Nkani Vakacha Vakacha Luangwa Wilderness Lodge is offering guests a limited and exclusive opportunity to make a practical contribution to conservation. During September, well- known and respected elephant expert Dr Olaf Behlert ( also chairman of Conservation Luambe, the owners of Luangwa Wilderness Lodge), will visit the lodge to oversee the latest phase of its wildlife monitoring programme. This includes capturing data on the area’s resident leopards via a collaring project. Guests will be able to accompany Olaf and his team during their vital work, which has witnessed a dramatic increase in animal numbers in the park. With Luambe still essentially under development, every visitor to the park can play a role – not least by staying at the lodge, which contributes a percentage of all visitor fees to conservation and community projects in the area. Find out more at www. luangwawilderness. com and www. conservation- luambe. com Many National Parks claim to offer ‘ the real Africa’, but few can compare with Kafue for sheer size and wilderness. After years of neglect and under-investment, some exciting developments are returning this magnificent park to its former glory. Tim Henshall reports on the latest. Photographer’s tips Everybody can be a better photographer. The answer is not technique or equipment, but the human eye. Cameras are tools that take pictures, but only people make photographs. The ‘ technique’ of photography is a trade or craft, just like carpentry or knitting. The ‘ art’ of photography is about just one thing: ‘ seeing’ the picture. We can train ourselves to ‘ see’ the picture better. Try looking in a whole new way at every image, scene or event you come across. As you go about your daily life, whether at home, at work or even in the pub, try taking photographs in your head. Soon ‘ seeing’ will be second nature. Then, putting a camera in your hands will put you in a sort of ‘ seeing zone’. As one of photography’s greats, Dorothea Lange, explained it: “ A camera is a tool that allows those without one to see.” Stephen Robinson is a Zambia- based photographer who specialises in nature and environmental subjects. His Spirit of the Land project explores Zambia’s landscapes and the people who depend so directly upon them. For more of his work visit www. spirit-of- the- land. com ( and see p36– 39 of this edition). Konkamoya Lodge, located on the banks of Lake Itezhy Tezhy in the southern sector of Kafue, opened early in 2008. This intimate camp, lovingly created by the Cooke family, consists of just three chalets and thus ensures a very personal experience for nature lovers. Game viewing is conducted in an open 4WD vehicle, on foot or by boat on the lake itself. Fishing, as you might expect, is a speciality, as are canoeing safaris, and there’s a definite thrill to gently floating on the lake while elephants wallow nearby. The Cookes also offer excursions to their fly camps within the park. Konkamoya joins independent lodges around the park, including Kaingu Safari Lodge and Nanzhila Plains Camp, to form the Kushiyana Collection. This collection, which means ‘ variety’ in the local Nyanja language, has been refined ahead of a relaunch later this year. Each camp is situated in a spectacular and distinct location, from the eastern riverine bush of Kaingu to the sweeping savannah of Nanzhila Plains and lakeshore of Konkamoya. Together they offer the complete spectrum of Kafue’s diverse landscapes and attractions. Details at www. cookesafricansafaris. com and www. kushiyana. com More firsts for Kafue SAFARI Watching hippos on Lake Itezhy Tezhy TIM HENSHALL Dr Behlert examines a sedated leopard LUANGWA WILDERNESS LODGE Hands- on in Luambe A unique chance to get involved with wildlife conservation awaits visitors to Luambe National Park ( northeast of South Luangwa NP), reports Tim Henshall.

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