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50 Travel Zambia November 2008 People People Vakacha Vakacha Habitat Habitat Nkani Nkani Photographer's tips Extraordinary insights come from uncommon perspectives. I like to think beyond the usual horizontal or vertical positioning of the camera and shoot from a different angle altogether. Thus I might be either low down – to the point of lying on my back looking up – or up high. On a recent camel safari in Kenya I walked beside the camels, most of the time looking for a different angle. Then, while riding the camel, it suddenly occurred to me that I was looking down at the three wise men in shadow formation; I had not seen the elongated shadows from ground level. Carol Polich is a wildlife photographer based in the United States who specialises in southern Africa. You can enjoy her images of western Zambia on pages 8– 13. C ??????? ontact Carol at ?????? cpolich@ ????????? hotmail. com SAFARI Going deeper An exciting new initiative offers a Zambian holiday with a difference. Instead of simply moving from one lodge to another, the Amazing Zambia tourism programme invites environmentally and socially conscious visitors to encounter another side of Zambia by sharing the everyday lives of ordinary people. The programme currently offers two-to three- week tours through the Kafue National Park. The tours end either at Victoria Falls or at one of several new sites beside Lake Bangweulu, and all the lodges en route are linked to local development activities, such as women in mining, tie- dye and beekeeping, in which visitors can become involved. The programme thus seeks to combine an exciting wildlife experience with genuine involvement in Zambian community life. The idea is that participants will return home having felt more like guests than tourists. ???????????????? They will bring back encounters, memories and emotions far beyond the normal range of holiday souvenirs ?? . With luck they will then become ambassadors for Zambia, promoting the country through word of mouth. An important feature of the experience is the outstanding hospitality of Zambians. Accordingly, the programme has introduced a new management approach, with local lodge managers ' mentored' by a small group of expatriate experts. Amazing Zambia would like visitors to contribute to development directly. It thus discourages handing out gifts and instead invites them to support various more solid development activities through a trust fund account. A percentage of the overall income is allocated to community activities to promote income generation and nature conservation. All activities are well documented, with information available to guests before, during and after their visit. Amazing Zambia is funded by the Den Daas Group of the Netherlands and managed by Amazing Zambia Travel Ltd ( formerly KNP Promotions of Zambia). All lodges are joint ventures with Zambian entrepreneurs. Details at www. amazingzambia. com The Holiday Inn Hotel in Lusaka has been rebranded as the Southern Sun Ridgeway. " We are very aware of the opportunities for growth," said Richard Weilers, managing director of Southern Sun Hotels Offshore, " and our brand presence is an integral part of our new regional strategy outside South Africa." During the last year Southern Sun Hotels have invested significantly in re-branding and have also modernised many existing properties. Southern Sun Ridgeway is located on the corner of Church Road and Independence Avenue in central Lusaka. Details at www. southernsun. com Holiday Inn REBORN Visiting a women's gemstone mining project. amazing zambia carol polich southern sun ridgeway

November 2008 Travel Zambia 51 info@ zamagsafaris. comWe take you to places we know and trustZAMBEZI LODGERoyal Zambezi Lodge is a striking combination of contemporary style and comfort and is a perfect base to explore the unspoilt African environment ofthe Lower Zambezi. The fourteen chalets are designed in an elegant tented style, under thatched roofs, to take full advantage of the natural beauty of Zambia. Visit our website for more details, or to learn more about Royal Zambezi Lodge contact us at royalzambezihq@ iwayafrica. comTel/ Fax + 260 211 261265 Mobile + 260 979 486618www. royalzambezilodge. com