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16 | AUDLEY TRAVELLERCenter. He has received many awards and accolades, spoken at TED conventions, dined with Prince Edward and had his work exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery in London and the renowned Fotomuseum in Switzerland. But his greatest achievement he says, is none of these. "I've become an inspiration for children," he explains. "I have a responsibility now to do a good job. I go back to the SBT whenever I can and I spend a lot of time with the children there. I tell them about my life and my experiences. I've had a lot of luck but I've also worked hard and I want them to believe that their dreams can come true too. I hear them say 'I want to be Vicky Roy' and I feel I have become the one to look up to. This is both my greatest achievement and my biggest responsibility."So what about the future? This year Vicky's first book, Home Sweet Home, will be published. "I'm very excited about that," says Vicky. "And the Delhi Photography Festival later in the year."I've also recently set up an 'open library' with my friend, the photographer Chandan Gomes," he continues. "We have a collection of photography books that young artists can access, books that can teach them a lot about photography but that they could never afford. We spend time with the young people as they look at the books, we work with them on their projects and we host talks by established photographers to encourage them." Vicky's determination to give something back is striking and his maturity goes well beyond his 24 years, but despite all his success he possesses a modesty that is arresting. "In the future I want to be a very good photographer," he says. "Not necessarily a great one but a good one. I'm only 24 and people don't expect so much from you when you are young, but when I am older people will expect more from someone more experienced."Vicky's grounded nature and down-to-earth character are some of his most salient features and it is easy to see how he can get under the skin of any situation in which he is placed. Despite his initial desire to travel he says Delhi will always be his favourite place to work. "Delhi is an incredible place to be a photographer. There is always so much going on, so many colours, so much life. India is a photographer's dream, my dream."To find out more about the Salaam Baalak Trust, which works with street children in India visit: Vicky was interviewed by Etain O'Carroll, a freelance travel writer and author for Lonely Planet.Join Vicky on a photography tourAmong other work, Vicky now runs half-day photography tours in Delhi, taking Audley travellers around the city's bustling heart and offering an insider's view of life on the streets. A ten day tailor-made trip to India including a tour with Vicky as well as the Golden Triangle starts from £1,995pp. For more information please contact our India specialists on 01993 838 330.