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20 | AUDLEY TRAVELLER | White-water rafting to a remote jungle lodge Costa Rica At Costa Rica's Pacuare Lodge, the adventure begins before you even arrive. Getting there involves a scenic white-water raft along the Pacuare River, via tumbling waterfalls and the rainforest-covered Talamanca Mountains.There is a real feeling of seclusion at the lodge. Most rooms come with private terraces and are designed to blend into the natural surroundings - some even have private plunge pools. Accommodation is also eco-friendly and Pacuare conserves 740 acres of rainforest, as well as supporting a number projects that benefit local communities. Evening meals in the candlelit restaurant are a treat as you listen to jungle sounds and the rushing river.In the unlikely event you want to leave the tranquillity of your private terrace, the lodge can arrange canopy zip-lining, a gentle walk through the forest to a waterfall, a more challenging hike to a remote indigenous community or maybe just a relaxing hot-stone massage.For more information please call our Costa Rica specialists on 01993 838 665.10. Private picnic on a sandbank Maldives Private-isle dining is just one of the unique experiences offered by the glorious Baros Maldives resort. You're taken over to a sandbank by boat, where you can enjoy breakfast, a picnic lunch or even an evening meal, where a personal chef and waiter will server you delicious seafood as you watch the sun set.For more information please call our Maldives specialists on 01993 838 310.8. visiting Floating villages cambodia The former guesthouse of King Sihanouk, Amansara is a haven of tranquillity, and perfectly placed for exploring the temples of Angkor. The hotel also offers private cruises on beautiful Tonle Sap Lake, aboard the Amanbara. Discover floating villages and varied wildlife before enjoying a cocktail as the sun sets. For more information please call our Cambodia specialists on 01993 838 160 .We understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, so we're here to take some of that pressure away. Our honeymoon team is a small group of specialists who have knowledge of all the destinations we offer, so can advise you on the best place for your honeymoon if you're undecided. We have a Honeymoon Gift Service too, which allows guests to contribute to your honeymoon, and you can also create a personalised website where you can share details about your wedding day. To speak to our honeymoon team please call 01993 838 015. For more inspiration visit: team & gift serviceunforgettable experiences

Cross countriesRide the rails across Russia, China and Mongolia: the longest - and most epic - train journey in the world ight, I'm overwhelmed by the sheer size and scale of everything around me. "Skyscrapers seem to defy gravi , their upper limits hidden by the ci 's famously hazy atmosphere.  e sheer number of people jostling on the roads and pavements outside of the car window is simply staggering. "I'm staying in a  adi onal, family-run guesthouse at the heart of the ci 's hutong dis ict and this makes for a peaceful re eat  om the hustle and bustle of the ci . "It's a really authen c experience - my room is  adi onally furnished and set around a garden cour ard that once would have been home to several genera ons of the same family." Exploring Beijing and the Great Wall Jo" e last two days have been simply wonderful. I've not only seen the modern side of what Beijing has to o er - visi ng the ci 's Olympic Park and wandering down Wangfujing market s eet, (star sh on a s ck anyone?) TRANSSIBERIAN RAILWAYBeijingJo "Beijing q is like no other ci . Outwardly modern and  ene c, it holds pockets of its long and fascina ng history deep within the very heart of the ci limits. "Met on arrival by my charming guide  omas, and somewhat feeling the e ects of my nine-hour overnight AUDLEY TRAVELLER | 21 e Trans-Siberian Railway, linking Moscow to Beijing, is the longest con nuous rail line on earth. Spanning seven  me zones, and covering almost 6,000 miles and over one third of the globe, this is one of the world's most epic journeys - with a number of fascina ng places en route where you can get o board and explore for a few days. Regional manager Jo Hoban and Russia specialist John Cole dig out their diaries and share some of their most memorable experiences.