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AUDLEY TRAVELLER | 35USA & CANADAFOR SPECTACULAR COASTLINEEmma Jenkins (USA) and Sam Lambert (Canada) Overview: Explore San Francisco's many attractions then head into the countryside, taking in the Napa Valley and the striking Cascade Mountains. Cross into British Columbia for whale watching in Victoria as well as exploring the coastal city of Vancouver.Emma:  e iconic ci of San Francisco, with its hilly s eets, cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, is a great start to a  ip. Just a short drive north lie the gently undula ng vineyards of the Napa Valley and Sonoma Coun . Magni cent stands of giant redwood  ees line your drive along the northern California coast and breathtaking coastal scenery con nues as you enter the state of Oregon. Heading inland you will then visit one of my favourite places, Crater Lake Na onal Park in the Cascade Mountains.  is vivid-blue lake has been sacred for the local Klamath na ve Americans for millennia and today is a haven for wildlife and walking enthusiasts. Con nuing your drive into the Cascade Mountains, you will stay for a few nights in the li le mountain town of Bend, with magni cent vistas in all direc ons and white-water ra ing, mountain biking, rock climbing and  shing on o er. Just a two-hour drive north is bohemian Portland, where a largely  ee public  ansporta on system makes ge ng around very easy and where there is a vibrant live music scene.You then head back to the coast for a stay at Cannon Beach (le ), one of the most scenic beaches in western USA.  e magni cent scenery con nues as you drive north to Olympic Na onal Park in northwest Washington state. Here, temperate rainforests shelter enormous herds of Roosevelt elk and deserted beaches are piled high with dri wood. Sam: It is then a quick and easy ferry  ip  om Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula to Victoria, the capital of the Canadian province of Bri sh Columbia. Don't miss taking a whale-watching  ip here - there are resident pods of orca during summer months. A two-hour ferry  ip takes you to Vancouver on the Bri sh Columbia mainland where my highlights are the totem poles of Stanley Park, Chinatown and historic Gastown.From Vancouver, drive south, crossing the border back into the USA and arriving in the ci of Sea le. GET STARTEDAn 18 day tailor-made trip to the USA and Canada taking in the places featured above starts from £2,550pp. BDACABCDFor Spectacular CoastlineFor Maritime SeascapesFor Mountain LoversFor Cities & Landscapes0200 miles0320 kilometresDACABCDFor Spectacular CoastlineFor Maritime SeascapesFor Mountain LoversFor Cities & LandscapesTime zone: GMT-5 to GMT-8Flight time from the UK: 7-10 hoursWhen to go: The northern regions of the USA and southernmost parts of Canada are best visited during our summer, between May and September, when the weather is usually warm and sunny; mountainous areas can be chilly and wet even during summer months.In brief: The landscapes of these regions vary enormously, from impressive mountains to rugged coastlines. There are also dynamic cities and pretty villages to explore, along with a wealth of activities to suit every taste.Glacier National ParkCraterLakeFingerLakesQuébecMontréalNiagara FallsTorontoHalifaxJasperBanffCalgaryPortlandVictoriaSeattleVancouverLos AngelesSan FranciscoBostonNew YorkCANADAUSABDACABCDFor Spectacular CoastlineFor Maritime SeascapesFor Mountain LoversFor Cities & Landscapes0200 miles0320 kilometresThere are some wonderful experiences to be had around the border between the USA and Canada. Our USA and Canada teams work closely together when planning these cross-border trips meaning you get the benefit of two specailsits' knowledge. From national parks galore for mountain lovers to the best places to see autumn colours - our specialists pair up to share their favourite journeys.ABCD

FOR MARITIME ENTHUSIASTSMatthew Bowling (USA) and Elizabeth Beeson (Canada)Overview: Enjoy the USA's historic city of Boston, and the wonderful coastal scenery of Kennebunkport and Bar Harbor as well as visiting fishing ports such as Lunenburg in Canada and exploring the dramatic Fundy National Park.Ma hew: Start in the historic ci of Boston, where I'd recommend joining the Freedom Trail walking tour to learn about the ci 's rich history and explore sights such as Faneuil Hall, Boston Common and the gold-domed State House. With a hire car it is just a two-hour drive along the coast to the pre beach resort of Kennebunkport, where you may rub shoulders with the Bush family who holiday here. ere is rugged coastal scenery to explore as you wend north-eastwards to Bar Harbor near Acadia Na onal Park.  is is a perfect spot for invigora ng coastal walks, whale-watching  ips and for indulging in scrump ous clam chowders. One of my favourite li le restaurants is Café  is Way in Bar Harbor -  y the steamed lobster, it's delicious! Elizabeth: A er a drive of an hour and a half you will leave Maine behind as you cross over into the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Stay for a couple of nights in the town of St Andrew's by-the-Sea and explore the historic s eets and the town's magni cent Kingsbrae Garden. Bidding adieu to the coast,  avel to New Brunswick's capital, Fredericton - don't miss the Beaverbrook art gallery. Your next des na on is Fundy Na onal Park: home to the highest  des in the world, this is a great place to walk on the ocean  oor or perhaps take a thrilling boat ride on the  dal bore as it races into the bay - prepare to get very wet! Fundy also has fantas c walking  ails and proli c birdlife. Having crossed the Bay of Fundy by ferry you will arrive in the province of Nova Sco a, and  avel to the nearby town of Annapolis Royal. Here, historic houses, gardens and the orchards of the fer le Annapolis Valley await. From Annapolis your drive takes you to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Lunenburg (above).  is  shing port is crammed with quaint, gaily painted clapboard houses; the Fisheries Museum of the Atlan c, with its historic ships, is well worth a visit. On the coastal drive north, stop at the much-photographed lighthouse at Peggy's Cove before arriving in Nova Sco a's capital, Halifax - a deligh ul place to end your  ip. 36 | AUDLEY TRAVELLER | STARTEDA 17 day tailor-made trip to the USA and Canada taking in the places featured above starts from £1,640pp. FOR MOUNTAIN LOVERSDave Martin (USA) and Rupert Cue (Canada)Overview: It's national parks galore. Combine the USA's Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park and Mount Rainier National Park as well as Canada's spectacular Rocky Mountains and the dramatic Icefields Parkway. Dave: Star ng in the buzzing water ont ci of Sea le, be sure to visit Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, the  rst ever branch of Starbucks and the Museum of Flight. Drive to Olympic Na onal Park where there are deligh ul lakes to visit and lovely walking  ails through the park's temperate rainforests. Rupert: Take the short ferry journey  om the Olympic Peninsula to Victoria at the southern  p of Canada's Vancouver Island. From Victoria you can board the scenic two-hour ferry to Vancouver, nestled in a spectacular se ng between mountains and ocean, and with an enormous natural park at the ci 's heart.From Vancouver, drive east through the heart of interior Bri sh Columbia passing the migh Fraser River and Hells Gate Canyon.  e mountain scenery gets ever more spectacular as you cross into the province of Alberta and arrive in the ABCDABCD