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page 52 | AUDLEY TRAVELLER | 7ESCAPE ROUTES  PLACES TO GODue to the many requests we've received, we are running another group tour to Namibia's Caprivi S ip in January 2014.  e small-group departure takes in the wildlife-rich Etosha Pan and various na onal parks in Namibia's Caprivi region, where the landscape changes  om arid desert to vibrant-green rivers and swamps. Birding here is par cularly rewarding.  e next stop is Botswana's Chobe Na onal Park, where you'll spend your days searching for lion, leopard, hippo, bu alo and more.  e adventure  nishes with a couple of days at spectacular Victoria Falls; here, you can enjoy views of the falls on foot or, if you prefer, take a scenic helicopter  ight for the ul mate view. Travelling in January, outside of the peak season, you can enjoy the lush scenery, superb birding and wildlife to yourselves. For more details or to book a place, call our Namibia specialists on 01993 838 525.Rio by Jean-Sebastien SaleemIconic sights De ning Rio's horizon, and recently voted one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, is Corcovado Mountain with its statue of Christ the Redeemer.Best restaurant Perfect for people-watching food is contemporary, organic and exquisitely presented. Best nightspot A night at the Rio Scenarium is an assault on the senses. Come to enjoy great samba, but also to explore the quirky an ques and movie props suspended  om the ceiling!Best shopping On Sundays, Ipanema's Hippie Fair is the place to shop for Brazilian food, art, ins uments and leather goods.Most unique experiences  ere's nothing quite like the Rio Carnival, the most famous par in the world! Outside Carnival  me, there are s ll adventures to be found,  om guided tours of a favela (shan town) to hikes up looming Sugar Loaf Mountain.R> HiEoAD dTOe H JEAaDneiro vs BangkokReturn to Namibia Join our trip to the Caprivi Strip - back by popular demand!Our specialists fight the case for these two iconic citiesBangkok by Joanne ElliotIconic sights  e Grand Palace. Some amazing temples, including Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn). And Wat Po, home of  ailand's largest Buddha (46m long) and an excellent and a ordable massage Chakrabongse, a stunning former royal residence on the river, known for its authen c  ai cuisine.Best nightspot Moon Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel or Sirocco - both o er amazing views over Bangkok at sunset and, whilst the drinks are quite pricey, the cocktails are amazing.Best shopping Chatuchak Market is one of the largest in the world and sells everything,  om clothes to food to an ques.Most unique experiences Cruising the klongs (backwaters) with an expert guide who can take you away  om the crowds. It o ers a really unique insight into the local lives of Bangkok's ci zens - a side to the ci that most visitors don't see.on Ipanema Beach, Zaza's Tropical Bis o is our new favourite; Best restaurantRio de JaneiroBangkok

8 | AUDLEY TRAVELLER | |ESCAPE ROUTES  RECOMMENDATIONSWhat to read and watch this seasonBOOKS etc Na onal Geographic:125 YearsOut nowNational Geographic opens its archives for this double-disc collection, featuring 440 minutes of fascinating footage. Subjects range from the Vatican to the sunken Titanic, from gorillas to the search for a mysterious Afghan refugee.TrashedOut nowTravelling to destinations around the world - including the Med, China, Indonesia - that have been tainted by pollution, Jeremy Irons sets out to discover the extent and effects of the global waste problem in a meticulously researched investigative journey. Discovering what happens to the billion or so tons of waste - dangerous plastics, household rubbish, etc - that goes unaccounted for each year is a sobering watch. The narrative takes you from scepticism to horror to hope. It also raises the need for creative solutions to tackle the task of sharing the fi lm's message as widely as possible with communities around the world. And then getting them to act upon it. DVD20 Chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Sco Review by Roz Balen, Africa specialist is autobiographical novel begins with six-year-old Kiwi Robyn's eccen ic parents deciding to up-s cks  om New Zealand and live in a converted cowshed in Botswana. What follows is a wonderful depic on of a child's view of this unique environment and the various mischief that she and her siblings get up to there. fauna of her new home are deligh ul and o en amusing. But Robyn's father is a doctor, and the book also shows the  ightening reali of the beginning of Botswana's AIDS crisis. Her mother home schools the children, spending days reading books aloud, or leaving them to explore the natural world around their house.Robyn recounts tales depic ng an unusual childhood,  om her passion for  nding and iden fying snakes, learning to ride on an unbroken horse to taking a canoeing  ip that gets them worryingly close to crocodiles. While a  aveller's experience of Botswana is likely to be far removed  om the world Robyn grows up in, this is a fascina ng and heart-warming memoir.Globe o er Diaries by Michael ClintonOne of the most di cult things about being well  avelled is knowing when to elaborate on all the amazing experiences you've had, and when to keep quiet about them. When you're as 'airport experienced' as Michael Clinton, president and publishing director of Hearst Magazines, there's a  ne line to  ead between inspiring your audience and indulging  e Globe o r Diaries,Clinton's new anthology of tales,  ps and tac cs  om the seven con nents, does indeed walk a very  ne line.  e  avel vigne es, taken  om Clinton's worldwide globe o ng experiences, cover a range of material,  om happiness in Bhutan to volcanoes in Iceland and achieving Zen on long-haul  ights.  ey're entertaining accounts of a  aveller's quandaries, foibles and re ec ons.Clinton's essays are interspersed with  ps  om his equally peripate c colleagues. If you're well  avelled yourself, many of them may seem to state the obvious. However, there are a few gems and, at the very least, this book will get you thinking about the bits of  avel wisdom you would - or should - pass on yourself.Her vivid descrip ons of the characters she meets and her fascina on with the  ora and in self-congratulatory story-topping. > BOOKSIndia in my Eyes by Barbara MackloweIndia, its landscape, architectural splendours, people and customs have long beens subjects of fascina on to  avellers, and ar sts. Macklowe paints a s iking por ait of India in this inspiring collec on of images captured in rarely-visited areas of the coun y. Trained in design, she has a keen eye for colour and form, resul ng in vivid images of  ibal people and breathtaking landscapes. It's an Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore's 'S ay Birds'.a ec onate  ibute to a na on, underlined by the accompanying ex acts  om Nobel >